Horizon 2020

Horizon 2020 aims to substantially reduce the pollution of the Mediterranean Sea by 2020 and tackles the sources that account for around 80%, i.e. municipal waste, urban waste water and industrial emissions.

A 2007-2013 Road-Map was adopted by the Environment Ministerial Conference held in Cairo in November 2006 to help in the implementation and monitoring of the H2020. Three sub-groups were formed: one on investments for pollution reduction (PR); one on the required capacity building (CB); and one on review, monitoring, and research (RMR).

Under each sub group, a project is currently being run:






This webpage aims to facilitate communication among and between the three H2020 Sub Groups, related projects (MeHSIP-PPIF, CB/MEP, ENPI-SEIS), the Steering Group and the European Commission. It is being administered jointly by the EEA and the CB/MEP.

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